One on One Private Yoga Sessions

An introduction to yoga with Heather S. 

During your sessions with Heather you will learn how to synchronize breath with movement. Connecting with your body mind and soul. These sessions are for all levels from those who want to learn basic yoga movements and focus on building flexibility and strength to those who want to advance there physical and spiritual practice by becoming more self aware through breath, meditation, and asana (postures). Great way to introduce yourself to yoga or to advance your practice.

Tuesday and Thursday

 Price: First session: $150  per hour  After: $125 per hour

One on One with Erika B. 

Private sessions to focus on what you need for your body. Slow, easy stretches or more high-intensity yoga can be done. Come in with an open mind & try out some new postures!

Price: $100 per hour

Nourishing Movements and Gentle Yoga with Alicia M.

Do you feel stagnant, blocked or stuck in your body? Do yoga poses sometimes feel stiff, crunchy or inaccessible? Is there a disconnect between body, mind, and breath? Alicia will guide you through a unique blend of gentle stretches and nourishing movements designed to elicit fluidity and unlock your unique flow. You will be encouraged to access deep restorative breathing while calmly flowing and moving. Remaining rooted in your innermost self will allow for a natural expression of your whole being. This is not a typical yoga practice. This experience is centered on listening, feeling and moving. By removing physical, emotional and energetic stagnation, balance will be restored to your life. Each session will also include a personalized guided meditation, intention setting, and deep relaxation.

Monday 12:00-2:00p
Tuesday 1:00-3:00pm
Price: $88 per hour

Holistic Healing

Breathwork Healing

Allison Landis is a Breathwork facilitator and 500 RYT who is passionate about creating inclusive and healing spaces. Her offerings are reflections of the modalities that have created the most impact in her own life. Traveling her own path of healing has ignited a deep desire to share the power of breath with others. 

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
Price : $100 per hour

Innerstanding Hypnotherapist

Innerstanding Hypnotherapist with Don Sherman,CHt

Don has been studying multiple modalities in healing and personal growth for over twenty years. He’s had many mentors help him along his journey. His first session in hypnotherapy was so revealing and healing that he decided to pursue a career as a hypnotherapist. Along the way, he has overcome many personal issues. Hypnotherapy has helped him better understand how deep these issues were and where they were rooted to be dug up and transformed. Now he is able to better understand and help others by being a guide to navigate their own personal healing path for expansion. Hypnotherapy is not ‘show hypnosis’. They are two entirely different subjects. Don is a certified Hypnotherapist with several different energy healing certifications. If you would love to know more about how Hypnotherapy can help you, please fill out the contact form below. 


15 Minute Consultation – Free

2.5 Hour Past Life Regression – $250 

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