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Immerse yourself in body paint, experience a rejuvenating sound healing savasana, and don your best black light yoga attire. Embrace Buti Yoga’s fusion of yoga asana, primal movement, HITT, dance, and conditioning for a unique and invigorating practice.


Through gentle Yoga Nidra practices, you will open your body up to release the energies that have been stagnant and taking up space. As the Gong plays surrounding you, you’ll begin to feel the vibrations clearing out all that stirred-up energy. Followed by crystal sound bowls and various instruments leaving you feeling brand new and ready to start this new path you’ve been paving.
As spring approaches, we invite you to embark on a unique exploration of gentle yoga for two! March marks the beginning of this vibrant season, symbolizing renewal and growth.
Every pose tells a story of connection and unity. As you embrace the journey of partner yoga, may you find strength in togetherness, trust in every breath, and love in every shared moment.

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Yoga Village of Clearwater, FL, on the state’s west coast, offers a unique blend of yoga school, studio and community center. Yoga Village offers hundreds of classes every month in many styles of yoga, making it one of the most diverse studios in the Tampa Bay region. Classes include Kundalini, Hatha, Hot, Restorative, Alignment, Power, Ashtanga, Amrit, Fascia Release, Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Vinyasa Flow.


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