n ancient tradition in which women gather at the dark of the moon
for retreat, soul nourishment, and deep spiritual renewal.
● A facilitator-led space for centering, healing, witnessing, uplifting, and
empowering support.
● An opportunity to more gracefully navigate our emotional challenges,
struggles, and female life passages within the sacred support of a
● A personal growth practice for accessing inner wisdom, authentic
voice, and the power of our love.
What you can expect:
● a beautiful, highly nourishing, ceremonial space.
● emotional safety, sanctuary, empowerment, and support for women
of all ages and life passages.
● yin practices such as oracle cards, journaling, and guided
heart-womb yoga & meditation for awakening intuition, insight, &
the inner voice.
● teaching topics: cyclical, lunar & seasonal wisdom for navigating
personal challenges, transitions, & life passages, and for
manifesting new life possibilities.
● embodiment practices & training to become adept with the
Feminine Wisdom Pattern:
○ cleansing and surrendering what is ready to be released.
○ being guided internally around what wants to be initiated,
created, birthed, or made new within our lives.[bookly-form category_id=”-1″ hide=”services”]

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