Yoga Village Festivals

As the feature this month, we’re introducing our new YV Festival Blog, which we’ll keep updated with all the news about our adventures creating yoga festivals. St Pete Yoga Fest was a beautiful premier weekend with around 2000 particpants. Yoga Village is growing!

The Sunken Gardens really is THAT beautiful, of course. And the opportunity to practice yoga all day in that beauty is beyond the magical. Ram Gian Singh and his wife, Vandana, did a fantastic job of organizing just the right amount of spiritual camaraderie, intelligent presentations and rock’n yoga entertainment at this year’s premier St. Pete Yoga Festival. Yoga Village was a key sponsor of the events.

Some highlights, which I hope you did not miss (and if you did, you positively must come next year) are Friday night’s opening Kirtan, Ram’s workshop, Parvati’s concert, “Yoga in the Nightclub” and of course, the all-day yoga fest on Sunday. The Festival ended in loving-kindness with Bhante’s presentation and meditation on Sunday night.

St. Petersburg is home to nearly a dozen yoga studios with group classes in most of the gyms as well.  A fair representation of this mix, with it’s inclusive spirit toward the many varying approaches to this ancient practice gave the day its buoyancy. The deliciousness of an October day in Florida didn’t hurt. 

Festival organizer, sponsor and presenter, Ram Gian Singh stated on the event’s website, “We hope to encourage spiritual growth, world peace and religious harmony by promoting prayer, meditation, selfless service, spiritual and yogic education and active, world-changing Guru-disciple relationships.”

The work of Yoga is on-going, and we hope that each year’s Festival brings more of Tampa Bay’s practitioners together to educate, inspire and celebrate. The organizers would like to send gratitude to the transformative spaces that hosted the events, First Unity Church and Sunken Gardens. Also, a thank you to Wings Bookstore at Unity for marketing the events. Embracing the World received all the proceeds of the Festival.

“The support and Grace that brought this three day event together was so inspiring and showed the positive possibilities that reside within the Community. There was so much talent and divine inspiration present. My only wish is for it to grow, so we can share the sacredness of our community with others year after year.” –Vandana, event organizer (pictured with Ram Gian Singh on the left)