Yoga for Pregnancy

Eating for two?  How about yoga for two?

Whatever activity a pregnant woman engages in, her baby will receive the energy from.  So when a woman practices yoga during pregnancy, her baby receives the same calm, soothing, balancing energies that mom feels during a class.

Physically, yoga helps strengthen the muscles a woman needs to carry the weight of her growing baby and to support her during labor and birth.  Yoga opens the hips and stretches the ligaments around the pelvis to help the baby get into the best birth position and to make it easier for a baby to descend into the pelvis during labor.  Science confirms the benefits of prenatal yoga:  A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (April 2005) concluded that yoga during pregnancy improves a baby’s birth weight and decreases the risk of preterm labor.

Energetically, yoga takes a woman inward.  Through breath and meditation, women learn about endurance, and how to work through discomfort and perceived limitations.  It gives them quiet time with their babies to connect with them energetically and allows women time to check in with their inner voice and their intuition.

Intuition is also stimulated by chanting.  Chanting vibrates the pituitary gland which is associated with intuition, our sixth sense, our gut feelings.  The pituitary is known as the master gland:  it tells all the other glands in the body what hormones to secrete and in what amounts, so keeping it literally in-tune through chanting can help it work at its optimal levels.

Classes for pregnant woman at Yoga Village include the two prental classes (Tuesdays at 11 and Saturdays at 1), plus Intro to Yoga, Amrit Yoga, Restorative, and Kundalini.  Pregnant women should let the teacher know she is pregnant so that the teacher can demonstrate pregnancy modifications for certain postures and breath work.