Yamuna Body Rolling

     What if you could realize the benefits of your yoga class, gym workout, massage therapist and chiropractor all in one practice?

     Yoga Village has invited Larry Bennett, a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, to deliver a workshop introducing this Yamuna Body Rolling system on Saturday, May 21st.   It’s a totally different concept compared to traditional “fitness” regimes.  The concept is quite simple: your body weight sinks into a dense plastic ball as your body elongates. This creates traction that allows a deep release giving you the benefits of a full body workout, yoga, massage, and healing — all rolled into one.  

     This system was developed in New York in 1979 by Yamuna Zake; it’s a unique non-impact method that lengthens, strengthens and aligns the body. Yamuna Zake believes that, “… usually with fitness, you go outward with your body — lifting weights, running, bicycling — engaging from the outside, with your body pushing out.  “But Body Rolling is sinking into your body — going deep using your body weight to create change, to create fitness.”   When performed correctly, this progressive system of routines can effectively unwind the body. But the benefits don’t stop there.

     For Larry Bennett, Body Rolling was essential in achieving a structurally aligned, unrestricted, and pain free body. Larry says, “I have always had trouble with stiff shoulder muscles, lower back pain, and poor structural alignment; so, when I began to seek remedies, I found immediate relief with the Yamuna Body Rolling system.”

     Along this same journey, Larry discovered a powerful new truth for himself after feeling fed up with being sick, tired, obese, and not living life to his true potential.  Remarkably, after going ‘cold tofu’, cleaning up his diet, and giving it his all, he lost 150 pounds in nine months.  Larry goes on to say that, “this sparked a new kind of hunger… a hunger for knowledge and knowledge which he loves to share with others to achieve better health for them.”

     Today, Larry promotes wellness as a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, Fitness Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, BEMER Partner, and student of Naturopathic Medicine. His goal is to help people identify and achieve their greater goals, and to help them live a more balanced and better life. As an advocate and practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling, Larry believes this is a very powerful self-fixing tool that everyone can do regardless of age or physical limitations.

     Improve quality of life, create freedom of movement, and actively reduce pain with Body Rolling.  There is only one question, do you Yamuna?


Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop with Larry Bennett

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yoga Village

Learn more about Larry at www.larrybfit.com