Whole-ness in Union

There is a radiant child in all of us. Daily life will draw us into routines and patterns of relating that can draw us away from our natural wonder, but it just takes a moment to stop and look around. Yoga is a way of relating to that wonder.

And it creates a space for us to explore that wonder with each other, within and without our family. In March, Yoga Village will introduce our Yoga for the Whole Family classes that bring together people, music and movement…and a whole lotta fun.

"The word yoga means union. Family yoga helps strengthen the union in a family. When we share yoga with the children in our lives we show them that yoga is natural, makes us feel good and most of all, is fun and makes us happy. Children adore playing with the adults in their lives, and Family Yoga is, by nature, child-centered so it brings out the light-hearted child that is sometimes hidden away in adults" said Amy Pfaelzer.

 Amy will begin teaching her series on Saturday, March 3 at 10-11AM. The class is included in the price of membership or you may pay $20 per family. Our new family rate will go up to $99/month, so lock in the great rate of $79/month while you can!