Weekend Invitation to Liberation

By Grace Miller

When the opportunity to take the Kundalini Teacher Training came to me, my heart answered. Every cell in my body knew  the process of transformation was underway regardless of whether I saw myself teaching or not.

Without a doubt, I would transform through the teachings along with experimenting and witnessing the effects of kriya and meditation. Devotion and dedication fuel my practice and guides me through each training. This is my foundation, the steady ground to becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Before the training I didn’t have a daily practice, nor was I aware of how helpful doing a kriya or an eleven minute meditation each day really was until one of our trainers, Dev Suroop, put this into perspective for me. She referred to having a daily practice as “filling up your spiritual tank.”

As I developed my daily practice, the proof was in the experience of my day to day life. By dedicating time during the day to acknowledge the Infinite within, I noticed easier access to my soul space, that place of awareness and consciousness I go to whenever its needed. For example, whenever situations arise it’s much easier to tap back into that space and respond from the heart with awareness. I feel better off when I start out my day experiencing my soul, rather then do nothing at all.

Another way I experience my creative potential is through Sound and Mantra. In fact one of my favorite weekends was with musician and teacher trainer, Dev Suroop. As she sang and played her guitar, the class worked on pronunciation of mantra and discussed how these sacred sounds affect the nervous and glandular systems.

The best part about chanting for me is falling in love with my voice. The sound current of each word takes me into such a sacred, safe place where I feel expanded and connected to all things through all times.

Dev Suroop helped me experience the difference between projecting from the navel center and through the throat. When chanting is powered  from the navel, its a fulfilling experience. I have greater breath support and feel a sweet stillness as the sound current of the mantra vibrates like a wave through my whole body. Mantra is mind projection. Right away without much effort the mind becomes directed. I love having a deeper understanding of the effects that these sacred sounds have on my body and state of being.

The training and the teachings exquisitely deliver one’s Self to the Self. Each and every single moment of this training is a chance to integrate and experience infinity within.  It is from this place we are being taught to teach.