Vitality and Stress Level 2

Course Summary

In this 50 hour course, cultivate the core skill for this coming age – the ability to recognize stress in ourselves and others and develop the tools to transform it and balance it with conscious relaxation. Kundalini Yoga prepares each of us to be teachers who act with undaunted spirit, exalted caliber and character, and the vitality to cross every crisis. This course is a chance to look closely at how we react to, cope with and master our vitality.

Key Topics of the course:

  • Explore Your Vitality
  • Identify Your Stress Personality
  • Heal Depression and Emotional Fatigue
  • Relieve, Relax, Recharge through Meditation and Kriyas
  • Build your core vitality, mental endurance and spiritual clarity.
  • Identify strategies to cope with stress and mitigate its ill effects.
  • Know the difference between emotion and commotion
  • Use positive emotions to handle stress better
  • Develop attitudes to protect yourself from the effects of stress

After completion:

  • Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others
  • Understand and compare the qualities of vitality, stress and relaxation
  • Profile your stress personality
  • Explore what your stress burden actually is
  • Realize the nature and origin of your basic elementary stress
  • Learn meditation tools to help you excel
  • Enhance your vitality and rid your body and mind of the effects of stress through kriyas and meditations
Explore the nature of our stress identity as individuals and cross-culturally. Use kriyas and meditations as well as other processes to identify our stressors and the tools you will need to balance and uplift ourselves and others.

This Level Two Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is for teachers and practitioners who have completed and passed the Kundalini Yoga Level One course. It will be held over three weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

Training Dates

This is six day program held over three weekends
  • October 23 and 24, 2021
  • November 20 and 21
  • January 15 and 16
  • Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuition Includes

  • Six days of instruction
  • In-Studio or Online (Zoom)
  • Student handbook
  • Access to a series of videos and lecture transcripts
  • Vegetarian lunch each of the 6 days of the course


Pre-Registration: $895 (till October 7th, 2021) Full Registration will be $995

Three payment Plan: $345 for each of three auto-payments, for a total of $1,035

Four payment Plan: $261 for each of four auto-payments, for a total of $1,044

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