The Gift of Yoga

Tis the Season of blessings, gratitude, reflection, giving, receiving… and of opening gifts.

I thank yoga for making every day a day for opening gifts. Just today I opened two amazing gifts… my eyes. As I was driving to the yoga studio to guide a class, my eyes were drawn to the ducks on the lake swimming blissfully. I pass these ducks and the lake almost every day but today my eyes were drawn to the peaceful glide of the ducks, the stillness of the water and the greenness of the grass along the banks. The sky was a smoky haze of brightness, a beautiful canvas for the palm trees stretching into their fullness.

The gift of my ears were open. I turned off the radio and turned my hearing inward to listen to my thoughts. I was thinking how perfect life is. As perfect as I choose it to be. Could I be better at painting on canvas, writing a book, or doing a yoga pose? Of course. If I love something enough, it will reveal its secrets to me. I love yoga and am amazed at how the universe reveals itself to me through my teaching and practice. This was the music of my thoughts as they traveled through my mind. The gift of hearing the world around me and within me.

Once I arrived at the studio, it was time to begin centering my class so the students could connect with their gifts. I opened my next gift, my mouth, to the sound of Aum (Om) and connected, harmonizing with the students around me. I themed my class on “Perfection,” letting the students know they are perfect in their expression of their pose. Allowing them to experience their uniqueness. Revealing to them that the days past and the tomorrows to come have no existence. They can never be as perfect as they are in this moment. We are all exactly where we need to be, where we find ourselves. That is all that exists. Only the present and the present is a gift.

The gift of taste allowed the flavor of the students’ practice to flow through me. I could taste the sweetness in their poses, the sharpness of strength as they drew toward their center. The students’ zest for expansion and piquancy of balance allowed them to savor their accomplishments from one pose to the next, connecting to the fruit of their spirit.

At the completion of the class we rose as one with the gift of touch. I received hugs of kindness, thankfulness and tenderness. I could feel the affection, warmth and love the students had for their practice, each other and for themselves. I could feel the self-love that will ripple out into the world as they left the studio.

This is the gift of yoga. A season without end.

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