The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is almost here. Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini Yoga Master who brought Kundalini to the United States in the late ‘60s, predicted that it would begin on November 11, 2011 at 11:30AM. Yogi Bhajan believed that with the dawning of the Aquarian Age, our planet’s collective consciousness would shift from “me to we,” and our attitude would also shift from asking, “what can I get,” to “how can I help.”

As a guide to help us navigate in this new Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan wrote five sutras, or threads, that sum up the meaning of this next few thousand years:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos, the Cosmos shall clear the path.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D. and Director of Training at the Kundalini Research Institute, says that we are entering “into an age of global awareness, radiance, intuition and cooperation, an era that will usher in an age of equanimity and prosperity, accompanied by an evolution in our capacity to perceive, think, feel and sense.”

Yoga Village will celebrate the dawning of the Age of Aquarius on 11/11/11, with three events: a special morning Sadahana from 4:45-7:15AM that will include chanting, meditatation and Kundalini Yoga. A little later in the day, from 1-5PM, we will webcast the Aquarian Age celebration that will be taking place in New Mexico, and from 6-8PM, Pritpal Kaur Khalsa will lead a workshop, “Walk Fearlessly Into Our Future,” an evening of yoga, meditation, dance and song to light our inner lights and spark our creativity. We hope to see you on November 11, as we celebrate this new age of an awakened global consciousness.