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We’ve had so much interest from our Yoga Village Community about Mei’s new baby girl. Here she is (or a picture, at least) and Mei’s update on when she will return to teaching:

Carly Grace O’Brien
January 2, 2011 12:58am  5lbs.10oz.

Mama is well. Daddy Tim and big brothers Jack (16) and Eric (14) and I are all enjoying this special time. I am enjoying every moment taking care of precious Baby Carly Grace although I do miss our precious students. I had intended on coming back to teaching earlier, however I need to wait until baby and I are ready. I may come back to Wednesday PM by the end of this month and the earliest I would come back to Sat. Power Yoga is next month. Until then I hope we all continue to stay present even when we are not in each other’s presence. Many thanks for everyone’s well wishes and positive energy and please enjoy each breath of life. Om Shanti, Love and Namaste, Mei