Teacher Feature: Ramjot Kaur (Michelle Carolan)

What got you into yoga?

I started taking yoga about 15 years ago as a way to cope with a period in my life where I was suffering severely from anxiety attacks. I had gone to several doctors and they were offering a multitude of different medications, which I tried, but my system felt very ‘off’ taking them.

I was newly married and working for the Department of Defense as an auditor. The stresses of work and also wanting to start a family all led me to yoga. I took the suggestion of trying yoga to bring peace and ease to my body and mind, and immediately loved the way I felt after taking my first class at the Dunedin Community Center. 

When and why did you decide to start teaching?

After years of taking yoga and feeling the peace and experiencing the increased flexibility in my body, I began thinking of becoming a teacher. I had resigned from my job and was staying at home raising two beautiful children. When Yoga Village opened I was thrilled to have a studio right across the street from my children’s school and began practicing even more.

One Saturday morning I awoke at 4AM and was not able to go back to sleep. I remembered there was a 4:45AM meditation at YV. I decided to go, thinking surely no one really gets up that early to come together and meditate. Much to my surprise there were cars out front  when I pulled up. It was that morning after the Sadhana meditation that they announced a Kundalini teacher training would be starting that week and I knew in that moment I was going to become a teacher. It was a calling and I have been teaching ever since.

Describe your training and influential teachers.

I began my yoga training with the Kundalini Level I and Radiant Child Yoga at Yoga Village when they first opened in 2007. The following year I traveled to California to train with Gurmukh in prenatal yoga and am currently working on my Kundalini Level II teacher training.

I am very grateful for all the amazing yoga teachers that have supported me along my path. Also in  the beginning years, I worked with Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Don Miquel Ruiz, which led me to realize that my true passion lies in teaching yoga and sharing the light and love with humanity.

Describe your own practice and any thoughts or insights about staying with the practice.

My personal practice begins everyday with gratitude, prayer and devotion through postures, meditation or a combination of both. It is most important to connect with that inner teacher or Guru inside for guidance, direction and clarity.

All the wisdom we need already lies within us. We need to take those moments each day to nurture and discover that infinite wisdom and peace through a practice that feels most comforting and personal to ourselves.

Ramjot teaches Prenatal and Mommy and Me Yoga on Tuesdays at 9:30AM and 11AM.