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What got you into yoga?

Curiosity got me into yoga, I saw a flyer in a herb shop and decided to try a class. I had been interested in yoga and here was my chance to check it out.

This was in 1997; the class was at Tampa Bay Yoga Studio, which at the time was a Bikram Studio (hot yoga). My first class hooked me. I think it was the most challenging thing I had ever done physically, even more so than running a 15K race.

When did you decide you wanted to teach yoga?

I had been practicing Bikram for many months when Cecily, my teacher and owner of the studio, asked several of us if we would be interested in learning to teach. I couldn’t  believe she asked me because I was so new to the practice and still finding it very challenging.

I saw this as a way to improve my practice as well as learn more than just the physical aspect of yoga. For months every weekend we studied, practiced and learned the sequencing and timing of the poses. I have to thank Cecily for seeing the teacher in me.

Describe your training and influential teachers?

I became interested in other styles of yoga when Lisa Abernethy introduced Integral Yoga to the studio.  I have been lucky enough to study and train with some wonderful teachers. I studied Anusara with Betsy Downing in Sarasota, and did a weekend teacher training and some immersion workshops with her.

I have done workshops with John Friend, Rodney Yee, Erich Schiffmann, Tias Little, Doug Keller and others.  I think my most influential teachers however, have been  my local ones–Cecily for getting me started, Lisa for introducing me to different styles and Martha Arruda, who I practiced Kundalini yoga with.  I became a certifed teacher in 2002.

Describe your personal approach to the practice.

I approach my practice with an appreciation of how good I feel after. No matter how challenging a practice can be, I am always grateful for the time I spend on my mat. I enjoy the energy of practicing with a group of like minded people and celebrating when someone finally  does a pose they have been struggling with.

Would you like to share any insights about Yoga from your own experience?

Yoga has made such a change, not only in my body but in my life. I feel it has brought more centering and calm to my life. I can’t imagine not practicing. That is why I love to teach–I know how good it is for you and I want to share that with as many people as I can. Everyone can practice; you just do what your body will allow.

I am grateful for yoga for many reasons. I have met some very special people while practicing, as well as teaching. My best friends are people I went through my teacher training with. Yoga can build friendships that can last for the rest of your life. My life is a better place now that yoga and the friends I have met through yoga are a part of it.

Mable teaches hot yoga on Friday’s at 10:30AM and Monday’s at 4PM; she teaches a stretch class on Thursday’s at 10AM.