Summer Cleanse with Melon

melonsSummer is a perfect time to cleanse using melons. Melons are like little scrubbing brushes for your intestines.

Eat watermelon as a mono diet for detoxing and weight lost. Women for 4 days and Men 11 days. Eat as much as you like. Try it with a little black pepper it helps to reduce gas and bloating. Alternatively, you may decide to use an alternative detoxing method such as the ionic foot detox. Make sure that it is available in your area before purchasing.

A second, more stringent plan for fasting comes down from Yogi Bhajan. This cleanse is not recommended for everybody. You should consult with your physician before embarking on restricted food diets, as they may not be appropriate for you.

Melon Diet Foods for Health and Healing by Yogi Bhajan

When the weather is hot and melons are bountiful, this fast will clean the liver, kidneys and intestines, renew the body’s fluids, and help you lose weight. You will need an ample supply of papaya, cantaloupes, watermelons and lemons. Here’s how it works,

Day 1 to 3: Eat only Cantaloupes. They are warming and laxative.

Days 4 to 6: Eat only watermelons. They are cooling to the body, and they will work on the liver and kidneys.

Days 7 to 9: Eat only papayas. They will work on the intestines and digestion.

Days 10 to12: Drink lemon and honey dissolved in water. It rids the system of excess mucus. Do not eat any solid food.

Days 13 to15: Drink only plain water. Don’t drink it ice cold.

Days 16 to 18: Reverse the process! Drink lemon-honey water and nothing else.

Days 19 to 21: Eat only papayas.

Days 22 to 24: Eat only watermelons.

Days 26 to 27: Eat only cantaloupes.

To break this fast, eat only fruit at first. Then add yogurt, if desired, then vegetables. Incorporate foods slowly and cautiously. Do not eat nuts and grains right away or you’ll suffer. It is advisable to massage the whole body frequently with almond oil.

This is a fairly strenuous fast. It can be modified by reducing each of the three central stages- days 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18 to one day each, making the diet last a total of twenty-one days. This makes the fast a little easier, but it still should not be attempted by someone with no experience with fasting. This diet has beautiful effects, but your body must first be prepared.