The Subconscious Mind

Did you know that everything we see, hear, do, touch, or feel gets stored in our subconscious mind? Yes, everything!

Think about that: every single experience, movie, thought, feeling, photograph, relationship- everything is stored in the subconscious mind. Wow-it must be getting pretty crowded in there! Now imagine the subconscious mind as a giant garbage can, with all of those experiences and emotions constantly being dumped in, forming a big heap. Over time, it creates a lot of stuff that we can’t find, don’t need, and that ultimately doesn’t serve our highest good.

What happens when we don’t take the garbage out? It begins to stink, right? Then the garbage spills over and makes the clean surfaces dirty and stinky too. The same thing happens with the thoughts, memories, and feelings in the subconscious mind: they pile up and then spill over into our daily lives, marring what otherwise might be perfectly good and positive experiences with garbage from our subconscious mind. If we don’t clean out the subconscious mind periodically, it will start to stink and to muddle with the thoughts and experiences that ultimately serve our highest good.

In comes Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, and a powerful method of cleaning out the subconscious mind to relieve us of emotions and experiences that hold us back from our highest and best good. Through Kundalini exercises (called kriyas) and meditations, we clean and polish the subconscious mind so that our experiences can be new, pure and based on the present, instead of being mixed with the old, stinky, subconscious garbage that can cloud our perspective.

Kundalini Yoga is believed to be one of the fastest ways to clean out the subconscious mind, but the proof is in the experience: try a few classes for a couple of weeks and see how you feel as the subconscious mind begins to clean itself out and emit the light that is buried underneath the garbage heap of all those old experiences.