Speaking Of Kundalini: The Adi Mantra

At the beginning of every Kundalini yoga class, we tune-in together with the Adi Mantra, a chant whose words are “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.”

The Adi Mantra provides a pivotal moment at the start of a yoga practice that tells the mind to put the to-do list on hold, forget the time, and completely let go, so we can have a full experience of yoga.

According to Webster’s, “tune in” means “to adjust a radio or television to receive.” The Adi Mantra calls on us to open and receive our own subtle, internal wisdom, to adjust ourselves on a deep, soul level to listen to our inner guidance.

“Ong” is the creative energy and “Namo” means to bow or call on. Spoken together, “Ong Namo” means to call on our highest consciousness to receive. “Guru” means teacher, literally one who brings us from darkness into light. “Dev” means subtle or divine. Together, “Guru Dev Namo” calls on the divine teacher within to guide us.

The Adi Mantra is the meditative link between the student as a finite, physical, human being, and the student who is an infinite consciousness. By chanting this mantra, we lean toward dissolving the “self” as a human who has an ego so we can allow the flow of the universal consciousness to come through us as we practice.

Chanting this mantra can help us to be very receptive and sensitive to the messages of our body, mind and intuition.