15 Feb No Comments admin Speaking of Kundalini

Continuing our discussion of Kundalini attire, we’ll advance the topic of white clothing which is commonly worn by teachers and students. This will require your familiarity with the concept of an aura.

Just as the earth has an electromagnetic field, so do you. This field can expand or contract, and is also referred to as the Eighth Chakra. According to the Kundalini tradition, a healthy aura can expand to nine feet or more from your body and facilitates feelings of expansion and upliftment, as well as protecting you from negativity and disease. A collapsed aura of less than four feet will leave you feeling hopeless and depressed.

Along with meditation and breath work, wearing white expands your aura four feet. Most often, the clothes flow away from the body, representing your connection to the spiritual.

Try this simple technique to boost your spirits when you are feeling down. Of course, you don’t have to be depressed to benefit from a mood-boost. Wear loose, all-white clothes from head-to-toe and practice this meditation. Let us know what you think.

Photo by Susan of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Village 2009-10. Check back soon for details about the training starting in fall 2011.