Satya – Truth

What does the word ‘truth’ mean?

Words, just like thoughts, at their most basic level are vibrations. The truth is; everything in you and around you vibrating at different frequencies.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

The yogic practice of Satya focuses on carefully choosing our words so they do the least harm and most good. Absolute Truth IS and always will BE. That is Satya.

If your thoughts and words are misaligned then you are out of frequency. If your misalignment is great, then you can easily freak out. “Yep,” I can hear you saying, “been there, done that.”

The value of yoga brings you into alignment. Alignment is when you are at ease over a field of gravity. Gravity is an absolute truth. It’s there whether you can see it or not. The more you can align with gravity, the less stress there is on your body. This is how you can relax in a yoga pose because there is less effort required.

If a master builder didn’t use a plumb line when building a house, or the house shifted on its foundation, stress cracks will appear. This can happen to the human body and mind. We can easily damage our bodies or get stressed out.

Truth has a universal vibration that’s in perfect alignment. This vibration permeates the entire cosmos. It’s inside you and all around you. Truth is immortal.

Yoga is a path towards truth. Whether you do Kundalini, Hatha or balance on a paddle board, you are finding equilibrium as you begin to feel your body, connect to your breath and witness your thoughts. You are bringing yourself into harmony with creation.

When you visit a yoga studio, you can hear the sound of “OM.” You can hear chanting. You can hear mantras. If you visit a church, you can hear prayers. All these sounds are vibrations. These vibrations can affect you at a cellular level. Think of a chalk board being scratched, a screaming child in a store, or perhaps a soothing lullaby. Think of someone saying mean things to you. It’s all vibrational sound that affects you. Even the Beach Boys knew what Good Vibrations were.

Yoga teaches the value of sound. Positive vibrations at the hands of a master can be heard through mantra, crystal bowls and gongs. When vibrations are put into words, each word casts a spell. That’s why the written word is called spelling. When you utter words to someone you are transmitting vibrations that can lift a spirit or perhaps do harm. A person can choose to receive or reject vibrations depending on their level of awareness. You have the power to shift the vibration in a room full of people with your presence and words. With the alignment of your body and the light in your eyes.

Satya… Truth… The perfect vibration.

The pursuit of truth on the moral and spiritual plane is a journey towards ultimate reality. It’s being in alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually. Truth is absolute and the goal of yoga is to connect to the absolute truth. To vibrate in harmony with the universe. To be at peace. To BE.

And that is the goal of the upcoming 200-Hour Hatha Teacher Training at A Yoga Village.

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