Retreat to Recharge

We live in a day and age where fatigue is constant, stress is through the roof, and over stimulation is incessant. What do you do to handle this reality that is 2018? We all can agree that self-care is important, but what are we actually doing to manifest self-love in our daily lives? We often limit our beliefs on what self-care really means to simple tasks, like a facial, a manicure, or a quick meditation before bed. While each of these tasks are valuable, sometimes your soul has a deeper need for rejuvenation.

 “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”

– Ray Bradbury

The question is, to invest in your best self, what will make your money go the furthest? Recent trends encourage individuals to spend their money on experiences versus material possessions for longer-lasting effects on your psyche. Travel does precisely this; the memories you create, the experiences you live, the lessons you learn will stand the test of time, far longer than the warranty on any car.

Retreats are travel experiences that cater to self-care. The impact of traveling to a new place with a different culture has been linked to promoting neuroplasticity or scientifically rewiring brain patterns and habits. This alone can transform your energy, but what if your travel included daily yoga practices, meditation, and encouraged personal and interpersonal growth? It is easy to recognize how powerful a travel retreat can be for your body, soul, and mind.

How do you find the retreat, catered specifically to you? Just a quick Google search will return an overwhelming number of tour operators, foreign destinations, and a multitude of trip activities, etc. The best way to filter your results is identifying whether you are seeking an invigorating adventure or a restorative spa experience. Background information on individual retreat organizers will give you clues towards what type of experience you can expect from them.

In our humble Yoga Village community alone, we have two teacher trainee graduates hosting retreats this year that can provide examples of an adventure or a tranquil retreat experience. Here they are compared for you:

 Celebrate Your Life; San Marino, Guatemala:

Kathy Klander is passionate about spirituality and the human process of traveling within to reconnect to your divine essence. She has been inspired and drawn to Yoga Village for its diverse practices for many years and has graduated from the KRI 200RYT program at Yoga Village in 2017. Kathy has partnered with her friend, Roberto, a Guatemalan native who is a martial artist, and professional photographer, with 20 years of experience studying and practicing different types of meditation. Together, they are hosting Celebrate Your Life on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala in San Marino, Puerto Quetzal, about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Guatemala City. Celebrate Your Life is a 6 night and 7 day Yoga and Meditation retreat in beautiful Guatemala, where you will disconnect from your routine, and reconnect with your essence to experience your inner power.  You will be given the opportunity and the tools to create a blue print for your desired future experience while exploring nature, enjoying the Atlantic beach coast, soaking up the sun, exploring the streets of Antigua Guatemala, and delighting in the local culture, flavors, and colors. Upon your departure, you will have a toolkit of life skills to help you integrate and maintain a sense of presence and purpose back home.   Three date options are offered including July 8 – 14, 2018, August 19 – 25, 2018, and September 2 – 8, 2018.

Retreat Includes:
Transportation to and from the airport 
– 6 nights of accommodation by the Pacific Ocean
– 2 daily yoga practices
– Daily meditation
– 3 almost vegan meals plus daily snacks
– Pristine natural location
– Interaction with the local communities 
– Lots of fun with amazing people
$1,500 USD
*15% discount if you sign up before the 1st of May or if you have a group of 3 or more people.
Detailed information offered at

Incredible India Yoga Tour; Northern India:

Chloe and Christian Rosete are both graduates from Yoga Village and began their love story on a yoga retreat in India in 2015. They are now hosting their second annual retreat to India this September 14-30, 2018. This trip will encourage you to shift your perspectives on what is important to you by taking you outside of your comfort zone. You will travel around Northern India, experiencing cities that vary in culture from pure chaos to blissful tranquility. Visit the majestic Taj Mahal, the vibrant Jaipur, and the breathtaking Golden Temple in Amristar.  Walk the spirit-driven streets of Pushkar, explore the unique ‘Blue City’ of Jodhpur, practice yoga in Rishikesh, the birthplace of thousands of ancient yogis for centuries, and experience the high vibrations in the Himalayas of Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Llama. Daily yoga and meditation is provided to keep you grounded in spiritual growth as you immerse yourself into this adventure of a lifetime.

Retreat Includes:
– Daily breakfast and dinner throughout the trip
– Private air conditioned bus for travel
– All transportation to, from, and around all the various cities
– Internal flight from Jodhpur to Amritsar
– Entrance fees for all tours, temples, excursions, and monuments
– 15 nights of accommodation in first class hotels
– 1 night on air conditioned overnight sleeper train
– English speaking tour guide to all monuments
– Clean drinking water during travel days
– Daily yoga and meditation practices

$2450 Early Bird Special Before May 15, 2018
$2650 after May 15, 2018 (Full Price)
$700 deposit to reserve spot with final payment due by August 15, 2018
*Not including international airfare
*Price for shared room. Optional private room add $530 (Early Bird) or $550 (Full Price)

Detailed information offered at

These are just two examples among the plethora of options available. If you would like to know more about either of the trips compared here, visit their websites, gather information, and entertain the idea of jumping into a journey that boosts your spiritual growth and rejuvenates your energy from within. This is just a small taste of where your wanderlust can take you. We all know self-care is important, but few have the courage to truly take the leap of faith on an adventure into the unknown. Could it be you, who takes the next step towards personal recharge?