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If you are already familiar with Mindbody Online, you can sign up for classes from our home page.

1) Start by clicking the schedule tab on the home screen.

menu with schedule

2) From there you can go through the schedule and pick a date and choose whichever class you like. Just click “Sign Up”

3) You will then be asked to confirm the class you wish to schedule. If you would like to schedule the selected class, click “Next.”


4) Input your email address and password to finalize the booking.

5) If you have pre-purchased classes, you will be automatically debited one from your account. If you do not have pre-purchased classes, you will be asked to pick a service and checkout. If you want to see your full schedule just click “view Schedule”.

6) Be sure to watch for a confirmation email from “hello@fitgrid.com”; approximately 60 min before the class, you will receive a zoom link from Fitgrid for your class. Click on that link and have a magnificent class.