Playing In Light

On this month’s blog I just had to write about the extraordinary event that happened last month. So yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m writing about the eclipse. Not only did I get to see it, if only 83 percent of it in Florida, one of the yogini practitioners I guide at The Village made the trip to South Carolina and related how, with tears in her eyes, she was awe inspired as she witnessed this wondrous phenomenon. Our beautiful bright star, our energy of light and life was eclipsed by our moon, momentarily putting us in the shade.

But don’t we see that every day? If we are conscious and aware of how unique and wondrous we truly are, we can witness eclipses happening moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and year-by-year. Just like the sun, we are beautiful bright stars full of energy, light and life and our ego mind is the moon, orbiting the brightness, shading our light with thoughts, bias, illusions and doubt. Eclipsing, greying out all the colors.                                         

We often find ourselves seeking, looking for something more, trying to find the light, not appreciating that it already exists within us. It’s one of the reasons we are drawn to yoga. We practice the spiritual discipline of uniting what we perceive as opposites through our physical, mental and spiritual practices of Hatha Yoga. The yoga of the Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha). Then there is Kundalini Yoga working from the inside, increasing consciousness to the realization that “truth is our identity.”

But, without this understanding, we find ourselves eclipsed because we look out of ourselves and see the sun and moon, we see opposites. We see these opposites unite and see the shade of the eclipse and only glimpse the light of the corona, the crown of the sun. The sun itself eludes us as the moon passes by. Yoga teaches us to look within. That is where the light shines. That is where truth lies. “Truth”… “Lies”… Opposites? Think about it.

I took the photo above. I was standing by a tree and as the light filtered through the leaves I saw my shadow on the ground. As I looked closer, I realized I was looking at hundreds, if not thousands of eclipses on the ground. As I looked even closer, I saw the uniqueness of every eclipse on the ground. Each one was different, individual and distinct. Each eclipse had its own character, its own tone, its own shade and light. Then I looked even closer. I looked within.

By looking within, I was reminded of my days during my teacher training. My teacher, Jaye Martin always quoted, “You are not me. You are something like me. You are nothing but me. And I am not you. I am something like you. I am nothing but you.”

Even though there were thousands of eclipses on the ground, they come from one source, one light. What Jaye was expressing in the quote he learned from his teacher is the truth. The truth that even though there are billions of us, we come from one source, one light. We are all individual points of consciousness experiencing life in the play of light and shadow. We are connected in our uniqueness, individualism and distinctiveness and it’s our ego minds conveying bias, fears and doubts that separate us.

Look to the sun within and the shadows disappear. Look to the light within where the truth shines. You are the truth. You are the light. Stand in your light and let your light shine. Become the light that you are.

An illuminated pathway stands before you. You’re invited to walk this path. Join us at A Yoga Village for our next Kundalini Teacher Training Open House this September 9th at 1:30pm and our Hatha Teacher Training Open House this September 17th at 1:30pm.