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Are you new to signing in on Mindbody Online? Well, if you have been to A Yoga Village, just follow these steps and you will be booking classes like a pro.

1) First, click on student login button on upper right side of the A Yoga Village Home screen.

Log in header

2) Input your email and password into the sign-in boxes. If you have been to the studio, you have an account. If you have forgotten your password, click “Need new password?” and you will be given instructions on getting a new password.

3) Please confirm email address and ensure you have opted into email service. This is how you receive links for Live Stream classes. If it needs to be changed, please click the pencil edit button.

4) To view the class schedule click “Classes” tab in the upper center of the page.

5) Choose a desired class and click sign up now. This will register you for the class.

6) Continue your registration for your class by clicking the “Make a Single Registration” in the next screen.

7) You will be redirected to the online store where you will be asked to choose a service. If this doesn’t come up immediately, please select the online store tab.

8) Once a class has been booked it will show up in your schedule. To see your booked classes, click on the “My Info” tab and then click on “My Schedule.”