Heart-Womb Yoga

The Heroine’s Quest – 200 Hour Teacher Training Program




What if yoga & meditation for women was about:

  • Reclaiming radical self-care as a foundational way of life? 
  • Forging regenerative practices that honor women’s unique biological rhythms, transformative life passages, and energetic bodies? 
  • Designing practical inner roadmaps and highly supportive networks between women for healthy, creative & sustainable living? 

So that we as women could:

  • Be the author & creator of a life that we deeply love. 
  • Feel deeply at home in our female bodies.
  • Live wisely & well: 
    • anchored in a radical sense of self-worth that is rooted in our bodies
    • expanding into our creative gifts of both self-expression & service.
  • And support other women in our lives and/or professions to do the same.

Over the course of a year, our time together will include:  

  • An immersion in a completely unique Life Visioning Quest for Women.
  • Yoga, embodied meditation, and wisdom practices to support women’s wellness, creativity, and the power of our love.

Who the training is for: 

  • Spiritually-minded entrepreneurs & professionals interested in utilizing yoga, meditation, writing practice, and menstrual wisdom for greater personal alignment and growth.
  • Healers, teachers, therapists, care-givers, yoga teachers, & doulas interested in integrating female-centered yoga, meditation, and menstruality practices to better support their female clients.  
  • High-sensitives and/or spiritually minded women interested in the transformative power of mutual witnessing & support within a Women’s Circle.
  • Any woman interested in creating new paradigms that support women through transformative female life passages, including menarche, menstruation, orgasm,  pregnancy & birth, motherhood, peri-menopause & menopause. 
  • All levels of yoga & meditation experience welcome.  

Come be part of a Visionary Conversation this year:

Let’s re-frame the kinds of conversations we have with ourselves, and other women in our lives:

What would it be like to experience myself as anchored, centered, deeply nourished, and unshakably calm?

What if creative ideas flowed easily to me and I knew how to nurture and tend to them within the creative process

What if I could harness the power of my focused attention to minimize suffering in myself and my world?

What if I could harness the power of love from which to grow, heal, and create?

What if I could harness confidence, self-mastery, and truth in my everyday choices and life-path?

What if I could sharpen my wise discernment, so that I could live from a place of clarity & compassion?

What if my life could feel integrated, aligned, and deeply meaningful?

What if I could tap into the creative and regenerative power of this magnificent quantum Universe and learn to receive more of who I really am?



August 27th & 28th 

October 8th & 9th

November 5th & 6th 

December 3rd & 4th 


8 Weekends, Saturday & Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm. 


January 14th & 15th 

February 11th & 12th 

March 11th & 12th 

April 22nd & 23rd  


May: Women’s retreat weekend (Offsite) Optional

September: Virtual check-in Optional



 Option A:

$2650 pay in full early by June 21st. (Save $300)
$2950 pay in full after June 21st.

Option B:

$286 deposit at sign-up.

+ 333 per weekend

$2950 total



Refund Policy

Yoga Village reserves the right to limit class size and individual enrollment based on a pre-registration interview, and at our sole discretion. Tuition fees paid are non-refundable. Yoga Village may consider a partial refund or credit in very special cases. Refund of $2,000 if withdrawn before August 27th 2022. Refund of $1,000 if withdrawn by September 10th, 2022. No refunds after the second weekend and you are responsible for payment in full. No other refunds will be considered as this is a tuition based program.


Meet Your Trainer

Karen Ledesma

MA, Spiritual Formation & Leadership. 500 Hour RYT. Former Owner & Operator of Yoga 365. Mother, Daughter, Anam Cara (soul friend), Female Visionary.