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What is your soul’s purpose? Is it to love? To serve? To share your gifts? Perhaps you have always wanted to be an mportant part of a special community, a leader, a beacon of light in an often challenging world? If any of these answers speak to you, if they excite your imagination and stir your soul, please contact Yoga Village at (727)712-1475. We are available to answer any questions you might have about the upcoming Hatha Teacher Training. Space is limited so call today.

Did You Know that…

  • Practicing yoga can activate the part of your brain that helps you make executive decisions, overriding your impulses?
  • Yoga can help you relax and fall asleep more easily?
  • A regular yoga and meditation practice can reduce stress in the body?  LEARN MORE…
  • Even major athletes and teams are doing yoga to increase their health and extend their careers.  CLICK HERE to uncover their names.  

Primary Practice Modules Include:

  • Safety & allowing student to have their own experience
  • Connecting with Breathing – Expansion, Centering, Grounding
  • Guiding Warm-ups and Pranayama
  • Guiding Asanas, Cueing, Alignment & Modifications
  • Guiding a Relaxation Experience, Guiding Meditation
  • Effective Cueing and Development of Verbal Skills
  • Demonstrating for a Class
  • Developing Awareness, Creating a Complete Experience
  • Reading Group Energy and Dynamics
  • Teaching to the Student Rather Than the Plan
  • Teaching to Special Populations
  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
  • Class Design and Sequencing
  • Practice Teaching – Assisting and Correcting Asanas
  • Closing the Class
  • Practice Teaching Hatha Yoga: Teaching in Small Groups

Teacher Trainers

Jaye Headshot1 Jaye Martin (ERYT-500), an internationally-acclaimed yoga instructor, will serve as the lead Hatha Yoga teacher for Yoga Village’s upcoming Hatha Teacher Training. Jay is highly skilled and widely sought after for his expertise, enthusiasm and spirituality. He is known for his kind heart and fun-loving nature. Jaye’s gifts to his students are his bright spirit and his skill in communicating both the subtle and technical aspects of the practice.


Rita Rita Knorr (ERYT-500) was introduced to Siddha Yoga meditation in 1993 by Swami Chidvilasananda (Gurumayi) who provided Rita with the guidance she needed to begin her serious study of meditation and hatha yoga which expanded to a special interest in Anusara Yoga. The principles of Anusara and Siddha Yoga meditation continue to guide her practice and teaching style. Rita has conducted numerous classes since she began teaching hatha in 1997, including progressive classes, sessions for students with special needs, weekend workshops and teacher trainings.  


sunder_with_cir Sunder Kaur (ERYT-200, RYT-500) is a founder of Yoga Village, and is creating her vision for a yoga studio that is also a community center where spirit can grow. With a degree in Pharmacy, Sunder is also a Level 2 KRI-Certified Practitioner and a Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Training Academy, and is able to incorporate a scientific understanding of the body into her practice and teaching. She will lead the 10-hour Yoga Anatomy module, an informative exploration of human anatomy, particularly the endocrine system, the central nervous system, nutrition and the yogic lifestyle.


Kimberly Waugh, E-RYT 500 has a passion for teaching: asana practice, yoga classes that are empowering and inspirational, connecting with people, learning more about the yoga tradition, physics, and trying new things. She teaches  a progressive format where yoga postures are built step by step and grow in complexity. She has an inclusive attitude and integrates the use of props to make the postures accessible and invite challenge. Classes are structured with creative sequences using layered alignment instructions that sync students with the natural rhythm of their own breath.





Dates and Times

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 2017:  New dates coming soon


Tuition and Payment Options:

Option A: Pay in Full Options: Pay in full by 6/25/15 for our best tuition value of $2,975! Save $200! Pay in full starting 6/26/15 for a total of $3,175 (must be paid by first training date)

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Option B: Payment Options: Deposit plus 1 payment. Payment in Full $3,175 if registered on or before 8/25/15 $300 SAVINGS and select the best plan for you: Deposit of $575 required at sign-up with a final payment of $2,600 at the start of the course or Deposit of $575 required at sign-up with an 8 month payment plan ($325/month).

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Option C: Deposit plus 8 payments. Register after 8/25/15 for a total of $3,475. Deposit of $575 required at sign-up to reserve your space with an 8 month payment plan ($362.50/month).

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Tuition includes:

  • All classroom instruction on the dates above
  • Access to online archives
  • Textbooks, workbooks and handouts
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes at all Yoga Village locations during the training
  • Catered vegetarian lunches on all training days, tea and yummy snacks


A Yoga Village reserves the right to limit class size and individual enrollment based on a pre-registration interview, and at our sole discretion. Students registered for the Hatha Teacher Training course at Yoga Village agree to pay the tuition in full by February 28, 2015. Credit toward another Yoga Village teacher training may be considered in cases of special circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Yoga Village Management. Refund/withdrawal Policy: Tuition fees paid are non refundable. Yoga Village may consider a partial tuition refund or credit in very special cases (e.g. illness, etc.), as follows: $2,000 if withdrawn before September 13th, 2014; $1,000 if withdrawn before November 9th 2014. No other refunds will be considered as this is a tuition fee, and each student’s spot is reserved for the length of the course. 


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