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Weekend Invitation to Liberation

By Grace Miller When the opportunity to take the Kundalini Teacher Training came to me, my heart answered. Every cell in my body knew  the process of transformation was underway regardless of whether I saw myself teaching or not. Without a doubt, I would transform through the teachings along with experimenting and witnessing the effects...


Five Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training May Be A Fit Even If You Don’T Want To Teach Yoga

Many people start a Yoga practice seeking another way to exercise. Soon they discover there’s a lot more to it than that. Why do people keep practicing for years, even decades? You begin to wonder, "What’s this all about? I need to do some research." Your best research avenue may be a teacher training course. You can learn the...


Teacher training – not just for teachers anymore

The positive psychology movement is now about ten years old. Prior to that, psychology explored the questions, "what’s wrong with these people and how do we fix them?"  Positive psychology asks very different questions. "Some people are happy and thriving. How do they do that?" "How do we teach other people who are not thriving...