Cool, Refreshing Lassi

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As Summer Approaches, Cool Down With a Classic Indian Treat This cold, yogurt shake can be served for breakfast, as a snack or anytime. Be creative and try substituting mango juice for water, or other favorite concoction. 2 cups yogurt, 2 cups water and 2 cubes ice Blend until bubbles

Start Your Yoga Habit

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Two Do’s and a Don’t Seeing the obvious benefits to those who practice Yoga, doesn’t necessarily make forming a habit of practicing easier. "I wish" and "I will" are often an ocean apart. Preparation is key to tackling the challenge of forming a new habit. Eventually the habit of not-doing is replaced by the momentum of

Margie Steward (Narayan)

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Margie (Narayan) Steward left her physical body in the Amrit Vela on March 30. Her spiritual name, Narayan, refers to the aspect of Infinity that relates to water and creativity. She was an accomplished artist and Yogi. She will be remembered as a vibrant teacher with an immense grasp of

Date Milk

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1/2 cup of water 1 cup organic milk (may use non-dairy milk substitute) 6 pitted dates, sliced in half Simmer ingredients together on low heat for 20 minutes, or until milk is a pinkish color and the dates are breaking down. Stir occasionally. Strain before serving. Restore Vigor and Health

Jo-Ann Sloan: Teacher Feature March 2010

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What got you into Yoga? My first Yoga class was in my NYC studio apartment. 19 years old. I wore leotards! My instruction was from the book, "Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan." I loved that routine and practiced religiously for a couple of years and then as needed

5 Reasons Why Yoga is Good for Your Back

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Many practitioners in the Yoga community will tell you that Yoga can relieve back pain. Teachers see it first hand and often have experienced it first hand. A recent study confirms these observations. This study was financed with $400,000 and shows that Yoga provides relief from back pain. Not only

Mirabai – “Inspirational and Uplifting”

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"Mirabai Ceiba’s latest release "Ocean" is a testament to the pure devotion they embody as musicians, chanting to God from their hearts…" Snatam Kaur "Mirabai Ceiba have created a beautiful, natural, warm album that we have found to be both inspirational and uplifting … we look forward to seeing them

Golden Milk

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Golden Milk  is a tasty drink that will lubricate your whole system and work to break up calcium deposits. It’s also a good way to eat turmeric, coming to be recognized by modern medical professionals as a powerful anti-inflammatory.   It is very good for yoga students who are challenged 

Why Hot Yoga is Hot

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In exploring the subject of hot yoga, we thought there is no better source than Dick Watts. He’s been doing hot yoga for ten years. "Full bore for ten years." he said. "I got on this schedule about when my kids learned to drive." His weekly schedule includes five sessions

Eight gifts others receive when you practice yoga

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The practice of yoga makes improvements within us that make us better companions, parents, children and siblings. Give yourself the gift of yoga and here are eight gifts that others will receive. The ability to remain inwardly calm makes you a pleasure to be with during times of stress –

A Poem

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To the Lost Forgotten Indigo Children of My Generation by Dharam Nidhan (Candace Hazelwood) Candace is a participant in the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and was captured on video reciting a poem she wrote for her friend.

Yoga Village Gives Thanks in Community Outreach

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Community Outreach a huge success. Yoga Village wants to say thanks to everyone who helped with the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. As a community we helped to feed 168 families in the Tampa Bay area. We will definitely plan on this again next year. Look for more community outreach for Christmas

Boost your Attitude with Gratitude

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Modern psychology in a movement that has come to be known as "positive psychology" is looking for ways that people can be happier. You recall the old psychology business model was looking for ways that miserable people can be normal. What these new-frontier psychologists are showing in their laboratatories is

Meditation Superstore

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Meditation is a hot topic. Coming with a strong recommendation from the likes of Dr. Oz and guests on Oprah, meditation is something that more and more people want to learn about. Here is a quick summary of the opportunities to practice meditation at Yoga Village.   Oneness Blessing The

What is Kundalini Yoga?

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People are always asking, "what is Kundalini Yoga?" "How is is different." Check out this video from Gurmukh from Los Angeles. This thirty-year veteran of the practice has it down.  

Medititation helps Alzheimers patients

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Researchers have shown that the Kundalini meditation technique called the Kirtan Kriya can reduce and even reverse the effects of Alzheimers disease. First they measured the effects of the Kirtan Kriya on regular practitioners. By means of a brain scan called a SPECT (SPECT stands for Single Photon Emission Computerized

More on mindful eating

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There is another word for mindful eating: savoring. It is at the opposite end of the eating spectrum from the cram-and-scram style so many of us moderns practice. Savoring, as the word implies, means to dwell gratefully on our food, its look, aroma, taste, its provenance, its history, its gift

Teacher training – not just for teachers anymore

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The positive psychology movement is now about ten years old. Prior to that, psychology explored the questions, "what’s wrong with these people and how do we fix them?"  Positive psychology asks very different questions. "Some people are happy and thriving. How do they do that?" "How do we teach other

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