• The Heart of Yoga
      Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing brings out the romance more than How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) written by English poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806 – 1861. How do I love thee? Let me count the […]
    • A Yoga Resolution
        The Dance of Yoga Happy New Year fellow yogis! Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? It’s been a while for me. Fifteen years to be exact. I decided to never make another New Year’s […]
    • The Gift Of Yoga
      The Gift of Yoga Tis the Season of blessings, gratitude, reflection, giving, receiving… and of opening gifts. I thank yoga for making every day a day for opening gifts. Just today I opened two […]
    • Stop Doing Yoga
      Stop Doing Yoga The day I became a yoga teacher is the day I stopped doing yoga. Previously, I balanced on one leg with my hands in the air in what I thought was a pretty good tree pose. My ego had […]
    • Mother of Mine
         Phew! I’ve adopted an attitude of gratitude now Irma has blown by. Four generations of us, my husband, myself, my near daughter, granddaughters and great granddaughter, along with our extended […]
    • Playing In Light
      On this month’s blog I just had to write about the extraordinary event that happened last month. So yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m writing about the eclipse. Not only did I get to see it, if only 83 […]
    • A Teacher’s Responsibility
      A Teacher’s Responsibility So here I am back at the blog. I’m finding that blogging is a pleasant way of expressing oneself. A little like journaling, only in public. However, it can be pretty […]
    • 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
      Welcome to: The Village Blog  written by Jackie Edgington: A Yoga Village is celebrating 10 years of community where spirit can and has grown, especially for me. I must confess, this is the first […]
    • Beyond Addiction:  The Yogic Path to Recovery by Wendy Elwell
      As a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and freelance writer, I was inspired to take Beyond Addiction to write about the experience for one of my teachers and A Yoga Village, a yoga community that […]
    • Improve posture and health with a yoga and meditation practiceYoga Teacher Training: Find Out if it’s Right For You.
      If you love yoga, you have probably considered the idea of taking a yoga teacher training. Friends you know and even your yoga teachers themselves have shared with you their experience and told you […]
    • Going Deeper
      What Is a Yoga Immersion? What about all these bios and labels about different styles of yoga? I understand that if you are considering a yoga immersion or retreat of some kind, it would be nice to […]
    • A Thank You
      A Yoga Village Offers a Form of Exercise and Meditation to the Community There is a lovely article on yoga village […]
    • 3 New Ways Kirtan Kriya Helps Keep Your Brain Sharp
      An easy, low cost, side effect-free way to boost your brain power and help you be healthier and more spiritually attuned as you age would have a major impact on your quality of life and happiness. It […]
    • Yoga and Meditation Can Positively Affect DNA
      Elaine Gavalas Author; Natural Health Expert Yoga and meditation are well-documented to have psychological, emotional and physical benefits for people at all stages of health, including cancer […]
    • 12-minute yoga slows cellular aging, improves cognitive function and reduces depression
      12-minute yoga slows cellular aging, improves cognitive function and reduces depression Mar 13, 2012 Brian D. Lawenda, M.D. This remarkable study explored the effects of a convenient 12-minute, daily […]
    • Yamuna Body Rolling
           What if you could realize the benefits of your yoga class, gym workout, massage therapist and chiropractor all in one practice?      Yoga Village has invited Larry Bennett, a certified Yamuna […]
    • Major Athletes Who Do Yoga
      Shaquille O’Neal, former NBA player LeBron James, forward for the Miami Heat Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants  Mike Krzyzewski, […]
    • Beyond Addiction: A Yogic Path to Recovery
      When we think of addictions, we typically think of the most serious substances people become addicted to, like alcohol, drugs and tobacco.  But many people are addicted to things or behaviors that […]
    • Yoga for Super Bowl stars and Weekend Warriors
      (CNN) There’s been a lot of buzz about the “zen” of the Seattle Seahawks. Some people are wondering whether their regular yoga and meditation sessions give them an edge over the […]
    • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training
      Yoga Village currently offers Ashtanga Yoga classes, but to date, we have only offered teacher trainings in Hatha and Kundalini. Due to the growing popularity of Ashtanga classes we are looking out […]
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