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All Yoga Village Memberships include:

Membership Options*

Individual Membership:

Perfect for those who take at least one class per week and enjoy the convenience of a plan that renews automatically.

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Student Membership: 

Great for full-time students who are 13 and older who practice a few times a month and who like the convenience of an autopay.

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Family Membership: 

The best option for up to two adults (legal spouses) and two children in the same family under the age of 18 who like to practice at least twice a month. 

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One Month Unlimited:  
Individual $99/month, Family $149/month

Our most flexible individual membership that students can renew at will, without any contracts or fees.

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*A Yoga Village offers memberships on an “honor system” basis. We lock in your rate for LIFE and do NOT require a contract. We do ask that you make a minimum one (1) year commitment to pay membership fees (monthly – by auto debit or credit card), with the provision that you may suspend your membership for up to five (5) months per year, and pay a “freeze fee” of just $15/month. You may cancel at any time, or change to another form of payment (drop-in or 10 -lass pass) after one year. If you cancel prior to completing your one year commitment, you are ineligible for membership for the next twelve months. You do not need to renew to maintain your rate. Your membership will continue until you suspend or drop it.  Because of billing cycles, we require a minimum 30-day advance notice to cancel a membership.

**For Student Membership: must present a current student ID at the time of purchase or for yearly renewal of membership. If under the age of 18, we require parental consent on our liability waiver and the signature of the credit cardholder for the processing of monthly auto payments.

Other options include:

10-Class Pass: $125
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Age 65  +  10
Class Pass: $99
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Single Class: $15
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Single Class
Children 12 & Under: $10
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Community Class: $5 
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