Authentic Yoga Training For A Modern World

Become a certified yoga teacher in as little as 5 months! This is a transformational program that will deepen your practice, expand your awareness, develop your unique teaching style and give you the confidence and self-assurance to share your knowledge and skills with others. Our program is Yoga Alliance approved with the new 2022 standards and requirements.


Want to deepen your practice, but don’t have the desire to teach? We have separated our program into two parts. If you are looking to dive deep into your personal yoga practice we invite you to attend Part I. If you decide later on you wish to teach, the hours completed in Part I can be applied to Part II.


Training can be done either online or in studio. Authentic yoga meets accessibility. Training for a modern world with content sourced directly from the ancient wisdom originating in India.


“This Teacher Training has been truly transformative.  I expected to learn more about technique and philosophy, but received so much more!  The training program helped me face personal fears and push past them.  I would encourage anyone interested in personal development to attend Yoga Village’s 200 Hour Authentic Teacher Training.”


Finding purpose

Part I – Deepen Your Practice

75 Hours: Can be taken In-Studio or Online *


In Part I – Deepen Your Practice – is all about YOU and your practice!


What You Will Learn:

  • Proper Alignment in Yoga Postures as it relates to your body
  • Different Styles of Yoga and what style(s) work best for you
  • How to use props with confidence
  • Mudras, Mantras, Bandas and how to incorporate this into your practice
  • How to create your own personal / home practice
  • The chakras and energy centers within your body
  • Introduction into the eight limbs of yoga
  • Pranayama (breath techniques)
  • How to meditate
  • Ayurvedic principles for overall health and well-being


hatha yoga and meditation



Jan 22-23       Yoga Village & Online- Welcome Weekend

Feb 5-6           Yoga Village & Online

Feb 13             Yoga Village & Online

Mar 5-6          Yoga Village & Online

Part II – Teaching Yoga With Confidence

125 hours: Can be taken In-Studio or Online *


Part II – Teaching Yoga With Confidence — is all about becoming a great teacher!


What You Will Learn:

  • How to teach with confidence and assurance – find your authentic voice
  • Teaching methodologies including public speaking, sequencing, pace, cueing and class management
  • How to teach different styles of yoga (Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa, Restorative & Adaptive)
  • How to modify postures for specific issues (i.e. shoulders, hips, knees, lower back, etc.)
  • Anatomy and how it relates to specific yoga postures
  • Using props in class for your students to obtain the maximum benefits from the practice
  • Contraindications for specific poses (high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Yoga philosophy including The Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita
  • Pranayama (breath techniques)
  • The Subtle Bodies (i.e. Koshas, Kleshas, Chakras, Nadis, etc.) and how this affects the practice
  • How to teach online (equipment, space, platforms, etc)
  • Yoga Ethics (code of conduct & teacher accountability)
  • Yoga as a business (marketing, promoting, growing your classes, social media, youtube channel and teaching fulltime)


“I was in the class that started in January of 2021.  This was a hybrid class of in-person/online.  I am very grateful that I had the option of doing the online version and felt like I received the same value that the in-person students received.  I am very appreciative of the variety of yoga styles that were covered in the course.”

Yoga Alliance RYS 200
Hatha yoga student



Mar 19-20      Yoga Village & Online

April 9-10         Yoga Village & Online

April 16-17        Yoga Village & Online

May 1                 Yoga Village & Online

May 21-22        Yoga Village & Online

May 28-29        Yoga Village & Online


Tuition for Online Program

Pay in Full Online Program

Part I: $350

Part I & II: $750

Yoga pose standing squat

Online Training Includes:

  • Training Materials (PDF/Online)
  • Lifetime/Unlimited Online Access
  • Access To All Lectures (Live Streaming AND Recorded Sessions – Available Anytime)
  • Yoga Essentials Kit (1 Bolster, 2 Blocks, 1 Strap and 1 Blanket) ($150 value)
  • Mentorship (During Part II)
  • Quizzes & Practice Exams (Part II)
  • Final Exam (Part II)

Tuition and Payment In-Studio

Register By January 10th and Save Up To $500

Part I: $1,300 (Save $200)

Part I & II: $2,950 (Save $500)

Payment Plans Are Available On An Individual Basis, Please Contact Us To Discuss


In Studio Training Includes:

  • Training Materials (PDF & Online)
  • In Studio Lectures
  • Lifetime/Unlimited Online Access To All In Studio Lectures (All Lectures Will Be Recorded, Available Anytime)
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes At Yoga Village (Online & In Studio) During The Duration Of Your Program (Up To $500 Value)
  • Yoga Essentials Kit (1 Bolster, 2 Blocks, 1 Strap and 1 Blanket) ($150 value)
  • Lifetime/Unlimited Access To All Materials Online
  • Mentorship (During Part II)
  • Vegetarian Lunches, Snacks and Tea
  • Offsite Retreat(s)/Immersions TBD

Terms & Conditions

A Yoga Village reserves the right to limit class size and individual enrollment based on a pre-registration interview and at our sole discretion. Tuition fees paid are non-refundable for the online option. Yoga Village may consider a partial refund or credit in very special cases for the in studio option.


“Yoga Village and Cindy Bartz are both very committed to providing the most authentic yoga education possible and as a retired physical therapist I am especially appreciative of the emphasis on teaching yoga in the safest way possible to avoid injury to students, and personal liability to myself.  Cindy Bartz is an excellent teacher with a significant background in corporate training.  She has continued to make herself available to me after graduation for questions.”

A Yoga Village Class Schedule

Lead Trainer

Guest Teachers

Bev Klein, 500 E-RYT

Andrea Trank, 500 E-RYT

Cheryl Chaffee, 500 E-RYT

Kim Denham, 500 E-RYT

Michelle (Ramjot) Carolan, 500 E-RYT

JoAnn Sloan, 200 E-RYT

Lisa Sewell, 200 E-RYT

Cara Nobles, 200 RYT

Brenda Kocher, 200 RYT


A Yoga Village reserves the right to limit class size and individual enrollment based on a pre-registration interview and at our sole discretion. Tuition fees paid are non-refundable. Yoga Village may consider a partial refund or credit in very special cases. No refunds after the second weekend and you are responsible for payment in full. No other refunds will be considered as this is a tuition based program.


Have questions or need more Information?

Contact our Lead Teacher, Cindy Bartz at 727-743-4236 or email  at Info@CindyBartz.com she would love to talk to you.