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The Fallout of Bad Posture

Poor posture, slouching and slumping cause our bodies to absorb the daily stress of poor body mechanics. These stressors can result in muscle spasms, spinal misalignment and pain.

The discs or cartilage between our vertebrae give our spine the flexibility to perform tasks. Repeated misaligned movements, however, make it easy for our vertebrae to settle into unwanted positions which tug on the muscles. Even small shifts in spinal alignment can cause big pain.

A Proven Solution: Yoga

One of the many benefits of yoga is the gift of proper alignment to your body. Proper alignment provides a clear pathway from the brain to the body. When we have a clear pathway, all the messages sent from the brain have a direct path to our organs leading to optimized health. Being aware of your physical body alignment and becoming “alive within a posture” also has parallel benefits to the chakra system further helping the body to realign itself.

Practicing yoga poses with awareness of proper alignment helps to relax and release the deep muscles that work with the spine and are vital to proper posture and alignment. Releasing these muscles through yoga helps to optimize the natural curves of the spine.  Proper alignment and awareness help to restore coordination, restore natural movement, create fluidity in movement and increase energy level.

The Many Benefits of Regular Practice

Yoga practiced with good alignment can be an alternative to pain medication and can significantly enhance health through the following: improve lymphatic circulation, improve blood circulation, increase muscular flexibility, provide muscles with more oxygen and blood flow, improve cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

Furthermore, combining yoga with some gentle cardio such as swimming could also be a game changing solution for your posture. Did you know that, like yoga, swimming strengthens joints and improves posture by improving the position of the spinal column? For private swimming lessons, consider getting in touch with a company like C2C First Aid & Aquatics Inc.

Through good posture and alignment, well being is improved.  Learning the process to proper, active alignment in yoga postures can unblock the body, leading to optimized health and wellness.

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Top picture taken from Picasa Web Album; bottom photo by Susan, taken at Yoga Village during Barney‘s Hot Class.