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The Dance of Yoga

Happy New Year fellow yogis!

Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? It’s been a while for me. Fifteen years to be exact. I decided to never make another New Year’s resolution and I stuck to it. You see, I either forgot my New Year’s resolution half way through the year or I broke them. However, I never broke the one I made fifteen years ago… until today. So what’s changed? The answer is yoga.

And my New Year’s resolution? To be AUTHENTIC in everything I do and say.

During my struggles as a child I tried to seek approval and acceptance from bullies and unkind adults. My self-worth took a bashing. I always felt unworthy and unloved. At an early age this taught me to realize that my challenges gave me strength. At an early age I became independent and knew I could count on myself.

As an adult, I learned to put love into my relationships. Instead of becoming negative, I began to show love to those who hurt me and to my surprise, love became my relationship to external forces. I received love and respect in return.

However, I was playing a role in life. I was too analytic making sure I lived up to everyone’s expectations so I was accepted. I was not dancing to the essence of my being, to my nature. I was a centipede. I suffered from the centipede effect. The story of the centipede was my story:

In a beautiful forest on top of a fallen log, Jackie the centipede loved to dance. She danced with all her one hundred legs. She flowed with grace dancing to the music of life, harmonizing with the caress of nature. She delighted all the other creatures who watched her dance. But there was a large badger called Ethos. Ethos envied the admiration she received and the skill of her dance. Ethos schemed during the night and on the next day when Jackie came out to dance he asked her, “How do you dance so lovely? Do you raise your left leg 39 then your right leg 18 followed by your left leg 13 and your right leg 42? Jackie thought about it and lo and behold, she never danced again. Her imagination and intuition became strangled from this unkindness. Her normally automatic and unconscious dance was disrupted by her analysis on it.

This is an old story that I adapted to reflect my tale of life in the physical world. That’s what happed to me early in life. I pondered and would analyze on how life was so unfair and unkind. I became withdrawn. This allowed for a lot of self-reflection but I never danced as a child. I was still learning to find my legs.

With self-reflection I knew even before I studied yoga that unkindness and bullies are worthy of love. Compassion is innate and we can choose to follow the path of compassion and love. I choose the path of love. Love toward others. I believed in the power of love.

Because of this belief, I decided to invest in myself. I decided on the path of SELF love. I took the 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at A Yoga Village and now I’m investing further in the 300-Hour Program.

Yoga teaches us that all our lives are woven together like the threads on a tapestry. I invested in myself because I know I’m worth it. Being woven together, we are all worth it whatever our individual nature. Becoming a guide to yoga is one of the best investments I have made.

I found as a guide that the more I stopped analyzing and trying to emulate my teachers, the more authentic and successful my teaching became. The more in tune I’m becoming to the dance of yoga. The more authentic I’m becoming, the more I’m getting to meet my SELF. My authentic SELF.

AUTHENTICITY… the path to reality and truth.


…and enjoy the DANCE OF YOGA!