21 Stages of Meditation


The 21 Stages of Meditation will return to Yoga Village in the near future. We look forward to welcoming you deeper into yourself. Sat Nam.




Is this course for me?
Students and Teachers from all contemplative traditions are welcome.
Have you just started taking Kundalini Yoga?
This course is a great foundation for deepening your understanding of meditation.
Are you a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?
This course will deepen your practice and give you new perspectives and techniques to pass on to your classes.
Do you practice a different style of meditation?
This course will broaden the scope of what you understand meditation to be and open new doors of perception in your life and in your practice.
Have you been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for years?
This course will reawaken your passion for the practice and provide the groundwork for a new understanding and relationship to your self.

A Journey to the Self

First Journey

The Crystallized Self

Recognize, experience and crystallize the Self for it is this crystallized sense of Self that is needed for consciousness to work.

STAGE 1 Upset

STAGE 2 Boredom

STAGE 3 Irritation

STAGE 4 Frustration

STAGE 5 Focus

STAGE 6 Absorption

STAGE 7 Experience and Crystallize the Self















Second Journey

The Expressive Self

Develope a sensitivity to the Self: In this second journey we maintain our integrity in action and ultimately find the stillness within each action.

STAGE 8 Rasa

STAGE 9 Delight

STAGE 10 Politeness

STAGE 11 Humility

STAGE 12 Elevation

STAGE 13 Graceful Enlightement

STAGE 14 Express and Be Your Self

Third Journey

The Transcendent Self

Open the dimension of the Transcendent Self in which you become You, nothing more, nothing less. In this journey, we become realized human beings.

STAGE 15 Presence Like a Beacon

STAGE 16 Everywhere Radiance

STAGE 17 Prayerful Stillness

STAGE 18 Preacher

STAGE 19 Teacher

STAGE 20 Sage

STAGE 21 Infinite Pulse

Lead Trainer Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa


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The 21 Stages of Meditation

Comtemplative capacity is an intergral part of becoming an Aquarian Teacher®. The 21 Stages of Meditation contributes to Level Three Certification with The Aquarian Teacher® Training Program and qualifies for 24 credits of continuing education for RYTs with Yoga Alliance