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Welcome to: The Village Blog 

written by Jackie Edgington:

A Yoga Village is celebrating 10 years of community where spirit can and has grown, especially for me. I must confess, this is the first blog I’ve ever written.

Founder and owner, Sunder Luber, asked me if I would consider engaging in a blog for the Village she created. Wow, that’s certainly an honor. An honor as I realize the trust she invests in me by inviting me to take part in the rearing of her baby. Inviting me into her home as a teacher and now as a blogger. So, I guess I’m now a blogger blogging on a blog. So, where to begin…

The way I see it, A Yoga Village is Sunder’s baby. She perceived, conceived and gave birth to her vision for a yoga studio ten years ago with her focus of a yoga studio that is also a community where spirit can grow.

What’s in a name? Sunder thought very carefully about the name of her baby and knew she wanted a place where people can call home. A place where they can share in a community of love, empowerment, healing, support, sharing and friendship. A place where visitors can stop “doing” yoga and “become” yoga on and off the mat. A place to “be” instead of a place where people “go.”

Wrapping their arms around the baby are all the wonderful staff who not only greet you with smiles; they support the teachers and visitors while smoothly continue running in the background and foreground, changing the baby when needed and making sure the baby is happy, healthy and presentable at all times. The caring staff invite all visitors to stay, chat and partake in their wonderful Yogi Tea.

The Village is blessed with approximately thirty teachers ready to guide, care, instruct, and help build a solid foundation to all that choose to visit and spend time at the Village. These teachers continue to nurture, cultivate, educate, encourage and watch over the baby and visitors alike.

It’s you, the visitors, the yogis and yoginis that reveal how important this child called A Yoga Village is. The quality of the Village shows in the radiance of your body and spirit. As you absorb the teachings, know you are valued for your expressions of gratitude, kindness and peace. You are valued for the gift of continuing to be a spirit of love and joy, shining your light with everyone you meet.

As I continue to teach, I find my inner light growing brighter. The biggest surprise to me, since I’ve taken on the role as a teacher, is the love I feel from the people who invite me to be their guide. I feel so blessed because of you. I’m honored by your trust, support and love and know you receive the same at A Yoga Village from all the teachers and staff.